The Caribbean ICT Roadshow is an initiative of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union designed raise awareness within the public sector, the private sector, civil society and academia, of the innovative approaches necessary for the effective use of ICT in every sphere of human endeavour. The Caribbean ICT Roadshow will be visiting the island of Montserrat from 21st to 23rd April, 2010.

The Government of Montserrat has demonstrated its commitment to fostering development through the innovative use ICT by working collaboratively with the CTU to host the 7th presentation of the ICT Roadshow in the Caribbean.  The Government has worked collaboratively with the CTU, its partners and other ICT stakeholders to deliver a programme designed to educate, demonstrate the transformative power of ICT innovation and to foster a spirit of innovation in the development of ICT-based practical solutions to the challenges faced by Montserrat.

The theme, Harnessing the Power of Innovation - the engine for ICT-enabled Caribbean development, reflects the objectives the Roadshow aspires to achieve, namely

  1. To foster innovation in the application of ICT to Caribbean challenges in government, the private sector and civil society
  2. To build regional awareness among the public sector, the private sector and civil society of the innovative and effective use of ICTs in every aspect of Caribbean
  3. To accelerate the effective use of ICT by regional governments in the delivery of public services and transparent governance
  4. To encourage greater regional collaboration in the development of regional ICT solutions through the presentation of Caribbean and international ICT best practices.
  5. To promote the work, role and programmes of the CTU as a resource to the region
  6. To forge closer relationships between Caribbean ICT stakeholders and the regional Internet communities and to encourage participation in international ICT forums.

The Montserrat ICT Roadshow will present case studies of how ICT has enabled small Caribbean countries to advance. It will focus on the use of ICT to engage the Diaspora and will focus on the effective use of ICT to enhance the operations of small business and to expand markets. The Roadshow will also seek to provide some insight into ICT solutions for Montserrat’s problems.