BSS TV campaign launching at ICT Roadshow Montserrat

Everyone is asking “What is BSS?”

BRADES, Montserrat – BSS: Be Sexually Safe is the new television ad campaign developed by the HIV/AIDS/STI Multi-Sectoral Team, which will make its premiere during the ICT Roadshow on Montserrat.

The new series of 20 and 30 second spots feature local personalities and young people from across the island and will be shown during the live streaming of the three-day conference. They will also be available on the Government Information Unit’s YouTube channel.

According Anjella Skerritt, the coordinator of the committee the BSS television adverts provide tips on how people can protect their sexual health. Supporting the campaign will be online presentations giving additional instruction on how to use male and female condoms effectively.

“We are very pleased with the new campaign and appreciate the support of ZJB Radio Montserrat and the Government Information Unit which collaborated with us on the project,” said Skerritt.

The new commercials were scripted by Nerissa Golden, Director of Information & Communications for GIU and taped and edited by Glesford James Norvelle Greenaway. The musical track is ‘Choices’ produced by 501 Army featuring Ringtone for the committee.

Featured in the ads are on air personality Basil Chambers, the Festival 2009 Miss Montserrat Teen Monique Mighty, members of the Youth Empowerment Association, Rolando Ponde, and Marisha Meade.

To see the condom demonstrations visit website.

(Photo of HIV/AIDS pin with the Oriole, Montserrat’s national bird and the island’s madras colors.)